We transferred from Arizona to Texas. Nevertheless, our house things did not keep AZ for almost 30 days. We attempted to stay in resorts but with a toddler, that did not go far! So we asked if they’d be ready to pay for some necessities instead of a hotel. They agreed and we went to Walmart.

We acquired air beds, disposable recipes, and a couple of toiletries keramische koekenpannen. Then we went to your kitchen section. When we got to the cookware aisle, we viewed our options. We determined to test out the porcelain cookware. You will want to? We have never tried it before and it just has to last until our house things come. So we chose Green Living porcelain cookware. It came in a 12 part collection (pots, skillets, tops, and utensils).

In all honesty, I did not have lots of belief this porcelain stuff could be that great. I’ve used stainless (love), copper (love but WAY too expensive), throw iron (good for camping), teflon (not so much but excellent in a pinch), stoneware (love but nothing designed for stove), and some unknowns. I thought this was merely another fad. What could porcelain present that I did not have with one other options? But hello, every thing justifies one try. So we bought it.

And am I glad we did! They’re fantastic!


* dishwasher safe

* toddler evidence

* gets hotter rapidly – We actually burnt our first portion of scrambled eggs because it hot up so quickly.

* cooks food evenly

* non-stick – Virtually non-stick. Our burnt scrambled eggs slid correct off. We did not need to wipe it down or anything. We only included more eggs and went on with our breakfast.

* goes from stove to stove without any problem


* If porcelain gets damaged, the pot/skillet is made unusable. With a crack, chip or bend in the porcelain, then your porcelain will not temperature evenly.

* Doubtful how much “whipping” it could take. So far, but, it has survived our toddler.


Before you understand the timing for the warmth, start using minimal temperature and increase slowly as needed. That is especially the case for sauces and recipes that want herbs/spices to impress in to the food. For this to occur, the plate needs to prepare slowly and at a minimal heat. So, you will need to be sure and modify the warmth appropriately since the porcelain gets hotter rapidly and gets hotter than “normal” pots/skillets.

Once the cookware is not in use, you will need to make sure that it generally does not get chipped/cracked while in the cabinet. Save your self the cardboard inserts from your own field and use them to put in between the pots/skillets. This may help keep the porcelain from finding damaged.

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